Get your environment ready

Before you begin, make sure you signed up to get your MDK credentials.

You just need NodeJS ≥ 4.2.2 to begin your project.
Then, in a terminal, type these simple commands:

$ npm install -g mdk-cli
$ mdk tools-install android / $ mdk tools-install ios

Note: iOS developers will need Xcode ≥ 7.0, too.


Kickstart your first project


Create your first project using our sample template:

$ mdk create -t "My Expenses Demo" com.soprasteria.mdk.handson.myexpenses
$ cd myexpenses

Initialize your platform of choice:

$ mdk platform-add android / $ mdk platform-add ios

Build your app:

$ mdk platform-build android / $ mdk platform-build ios

Find your artifact and deploy it:

For android, grab this file: ./android/app/build/outputs/apk/app-debug.apk
iOS developers, open this with Xcode: ./ios/myexpenses.xcworkspace

Registered users have access to our documentation page, where complete tutorials can be found.

What happened?

Let's see what goes on under the hood.



Movalys MDK relies on simple UML class diagrams to outline your app's architecture.
Just define your screens, panels and business model in a UML editor and let us do the rest.



Your beautiful UML model is magically processed by our top-notch generator.
The result is an already functional native application for your platform, with pre-implemented awesome features: MVVM pattern, two-way databinding, and database persistency.



Roll up your sleeves and code your own logic into the generated app.
A framework and an advanced component library are provided to unlock the full potential of your platform.
Build your product identity by customizing any visual detail and make it unique.

And for HTML5 and Windows 10 ?

HTML5/AngularJS/Cordova and Windows 10 stacks are already used in our projects and will be published soon..... Stay tuned !

Now it's your turn!

There's a lot more to see.


Learn more

Have a look at our complete (and not boring) doc.



Check out our open-source project on GitHub.


Any questions?

We are always at your service, don't hesitate to get in touch.